The Start of Something New

(High School Musical for the win, right?)

You might be seeing this and wondering why I chose to create a blog.  The answer is pretty cliche: I want to make a difference.  I want to help people.  I’ve been through enough tough situations to help someone else who is going through one.

You might be wondering why this qualifies me to write a blog.  To be completely honest, it probably doesn’t.  Thankfully, that’s not my only reason.

I’ve spent most of my life trying to find my happy place– the place where I can be my truest self.  I’ve found my happy place with God.  He’s enough for me, but I think it’s kind of screwed up that the world can’t be my happy place.  I want to feel comfortable enough in this world to be myself.  My main goal is that, through this blog, I can help the world become someone’s happy place.  And, if I’m lucky enough, through this, the world can become my happy place, too.

All my love,



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