The Problem with the United States of America

Now, some of you may be super patriotic and thinking, "There is no problem with America!  God Bless the United States!  USA!  USA!"  To those of you, I want to commend your patriotism and loyalty to your country, but I also want you to listen to my point. In order for me to express what I believe … Continue reading The Problem with the United States of America


Singleness: Blessing or Curse?

Let's be honest, you saw my title, and you either thought "Blessing-- singleness is the best!" or "Curse-- someone please date me."  If you're the latter, maybe I'll be able to change your mind. Chances are, you want to get married some day-- maybe not some day in the near future, but definitely some day. … Continue reading Singleness: Blessing or Curse?